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Why BostonCoach?

Smart business.

. Reduce complexity and costs that can bloat your spend.

  • Reduce hidden costs: fees, overcharges and waste can bloat costs by up to 23%.
  • Reduce complexity and administrative burden through centralized orders, service-level delivery and billing.

Applied technology and managed services can assist you in auditing expenses and strengthening travel-policy compliance.

  • BostonCoach® Smart Reports enable you to quickly and easily audit actual car-service costs compared to estimated spend while pinpointing waste.
  • Achieve real-time compliance and automated reconciliation with our BostonCoach® Smart Systems.

Control. You have a duty of care to every traveler in your organization; we’ll help minimize liability and maximize compliance.

  • Lessen liability thanks to BostonCoach’s safety programs and insurance protection.
  • Maximize compliance with reporting, implementation and communication programs.

Smart travel.

We’ll get you from point A to point B — and all the other points in between — in comfort and on time.

  • Our on-time performance exceeds 99%, including traffic and weather delays, airport inefficiencies and client booking errors. 
  • Our Net Promoter Score (a measure of clients’ willingness to refer us to colleagues) is in the 95th percentile for any industry.

Responsiveness. When service incidents arise, we act fast, resolving all issues within 48 hours, plus:

  • Our entire company, including our CEO, is alerted immediately once an incident is reported.
  • We improve our service capabilities based on systematic review of incident trends and causes.
  • Our answer rate is 96% in 20 seconds, far better than the industry standard.

Safety and peace of mind. Chauffeurs undergo extensive background checks and their driving is monitored by in-vehicle cameras. In addition:

  • They attend 60 hours of classroom and on-the-road training, and are recertified annually.
  • Service partners undergo an exhaustive screening process, including inspection of insurance, service standards, credit rating, condition of fleet, personnel background checks and more.

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